What is involved in Marble Polishing, or Stone Restoration?

It takes more than just running some kind of polish over a floor to make it shiny again.  True marble polishing is a restorative process.

Stone and marble lose their shiny luster due to abrasions and acidic etching.  For a stone to be brought back to a beautiful shiny surface, these issues must be fixed.

It’s kind of similar to restoring a piece of wood furniture with scratches.  Just slapping a coat of varnish on it isn’t going to remove the damage.  So a furniture restorer starts with a coarse grit of sandpaper to remove the damage by evening off the surface.   Then he uses finer and finer grits of sand paper to make the surface more smooth and even.  After that he can finish with the final steps that make the surface “as good as new.”

Stone restoration is a similar process.  Although instead of using a sandpaper designed for wood, we use diamond-bonded abrasives in resin or metal discs.